Gunnar INT-00101 INTERCEPT Glasses



SYNOPSIS You take gaming seriously. You pride yourself on your precise hand-eye coordination and your ability to conquer the toughest obstacles. Youve taken on the most treacherous wars, defeated some dangerous villains and made it home in time for dinner. But youre only human. Sometimes your eyes get weak from the glare of the screen and you experience a lag in your ability. Dont let anything get in the way of your victory. Improve your visual efficiency with Gunnar Gaming Eyewear. Keep your eyesight in check — and prepare for the future of gaming. Gunnar Gaming Eyewear offers you eagle-eye sight with high resolution, panoramic viewing capabilities that will keep you at the forefront of gaming. Experience a boost in your visual efficiency with agency-approved eyewear that features wide format lenses, rigid lens mounting, multi-barrel hinges and a retro-futuristic fusion style that will make you the envy of your friends. Delight in long-lasting comfort with a precise fit that helps eliminate pressure points. Enjoy long-term durability and dimensional stability thanks to engineering-grade injection polymers. Prevent optics from degrading through lens flexing. The future is now — are you ready to enter the next level of gaminga FEATURES Improve your visual efficiency for enhanced gameplay with this agency-approved eyewear Experience high-resolution, panoramic viewing with wide format lenses for increased gaming performance Keep optics from degrading through lens flexing with the specially designed rigid lens mounting Delight in long-lasting comfort and a precise fit with the rotational stability of multi-barrel hinges Eliminate pressure points with the curved nose rest that provides even weight distribution

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